Augmented Reality in the Entertainment -
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Augmented Reality in the Entertainment

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Thanks to the advancement in the field of augmented reality, the way we consume media has changed drastically. Owing to the fact that AR is quite cheap and has provided an incredible experience, people look forward to incorporate in their daily life. So is the future of the entertainment industry in the hands of the augmented reality world?

Augmented Reality’s mobile invasion

The term Augmented reality simply means manipulating the existing reality using some technology and sending the manipulated information to the user, who can then interact and manipulate their surroundings as needed. In the past, the word AR simply meant the idea of viewers wearing a specialized headgear in order to distort the reality, but now AR has advanced and most of us can use our smartphone cameras to distort our reality. With the help of an app, AR can integrate the reel world features with the real world using a smartphone’s camera and present that into a digital landscape. AR enabled mobile devices simply make use of an app that snaps a picture of your surroundings, and superimposes the augmented data onto the actual existing landscape. The app ensures that your mobile can combine the virtual imagery with the real surroundings and lets you interact with the altered reality.

Continue reading to get an insight on AR’s invasion in the mobility sector. Let us look at some of the use cases of AR in the entertainment vertical and how it has taken user experience to a whole new level.

#1 Interaction between the Real and the Reel world

Augmented reality simply doesn’t create a virtual world over the real world, it also enables the interaction between the two. If a viewer cannot interact with the AR medium, their experience is quite equal as watching something on a normal screen, this is why the degree of interactivity is important while considering AR in the entertainment domain. The degree of success of an AR embedded entertainment medium is measured based on the interactivity it offers to the user. Some movies like Avatar and Terminator have used limited Augmented Reality, if used to the full potential these AR movies can allow the viewer to interact with the characters in the movie in real time.

#2 Augmented Reality for reality shows

In 2017, the MTV EMA show offered a new experience for viewers in live performances. The audience could interact with the performers using the MTV EMA mobile app – for example, when a musician like Camila Cabello sings “Havana”, the viewers can make use of the app and unfurl a virtual Cuban flag to cheer her. Such 3D rendered objects, AR filters can fill the environment for reality shows, fans and viewers can also take pictures with the 3D rendering models and share them on social media. What really matters is ensuring that there’s a lot of localized content for the reality shows powered with augmented reality.

#3 Augmented Reality for dancers

Creative developers made use of Apple’s AR technology and started delivering AR enabled dance tutorials via mobile app (Dance Reality). This helps budding dancers learn and practice dance at their home. It simply works by placing foot prints right in front of you, you can then follow the animation and understand the dance pattern and rhythm. The user can control the speed based on his/her pace, choose the song and the kind of dance they want to learn.

#4 Augmented Reality for the bigger screens

Augmented Reality is still in its infancy, imagine how awesome it would be if your favorite scene from a movie took place in your bedroom? Yes that’s the power of AR, AR cameras can register walls and other objects and display virtual objects and let the users explore and interact with them in real time.

#5 AR for Television broadcasting

Many entertainment and weather channels have now started using augmented reality to provide a unique experience to the viewers – the AR enabled channel can assist the viewer with narratives or can also display animated 3D graphics over satellite photo maps while displaying a weather forecast.

#6 AR apps for media

AR is not only an efficient tool for gamers and smartphone users, AR can also be used to interact with other types of media. One famous example is the Junaio Augmented Reality app, this lets users to simply point their smartphone cameras to the TV screens and answer quizzes and also track their progress relatively to other participants in real time. TV channels can also consider AR for displaying interesting ad campaigns to the users and interact in real time.

Challenges faced by Augmented Reality in the Entertainment Industry

Augmented Reality is awesome and we all can’t deny on the capabilities AR has got to offer for us. However, there are few challenges that are faced by AR in the entertainment industry. Some of these could be –

  • AR is distractive compared to VR, because in VR you’re totally enclosed and lost in the virtual environment whereas in AR you can get distracted by the real time objects and the experience might decline.
  • AR must adapt to the real world that the user is surrounded with. If a character in the AR movie has to place a cup of tea on a real life table, the character must be smart enough to figure out where exactly the table is in order to place the cup.

Future of AR in the entertainment industry

Understanding what exactly consumers want helps us offer a personalized and unique experience through augmented reality. Offering experiences could happen when they move their head, over voice command or when they move their hand, it all depends on what use case we’re trying to solve. Augmented reality will redefine our interactions with technology and will definitely become a part of our daily lives in the near future. AR’s truest potential can be seen once it is combined with other technologies.


The good news is that AR is here to offer a mind blowing experience that will entirely change the way you perceived the entertainment industry before. Business owners and entertainment enthusiasts have realized the true potential of AR and are seeking ways to embed them into our day to day lives.



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