Augmented Reality in the Real Estate -
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Augmented Reality in the Real Estate

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Over the last few years, thanks to the advancement in technologies we are seeing a huge shift occurred in the field of Augmented Reality. Currently, Google and Apple are busy putting up their AR capabilities across smart devices, which only means that the need for owning expensive hardware devices for AR is now a thing of the past.

The world has rapidly begun to embrace innovative changes in the augmented reality technology, making it possible to both envision and experience a whole new world without being present physically. AR has made its way into the real estate realm as well, customers can now experience property and take the experience of buying/selling and building homes to a whole new level. Not only this, AR platforms will definitely become a necessity in the future since they break the visualization barriers that exist in the real estate industry.

Future of Augmented Reality in the Real Estate realm

AR is continuously transforming the life of real estate professionals and potential home buyers. It is high time for us to harness the total potential of augmented reality to gain the most of the real estate venture. From organizing campaigns to on-site visits, the potential of augmented reality technology is quite impressive and have helped real estate owners drive sales.

Prospective home buyers can now simply make use of AR technology and see their dream home and transform it as needed before a purchase is made. Real estate owners can simply convert a boring 2D flat blueprint to interactive lifelike 3D models right in front of their customers. The 3D digital models can also be customized (change of paint color/furniture) based on the customer’s needs. Augmented Reality not only provides great value before the beginning of a construction project, but it is also quite useful for selling/marketing the final property as well.

Getting AR and real estate to work together

AR in the real estate realm could simply be an app on an Android phone or on an iPad. This app has the potential to showcase real estate properties from the 3Dperspective rather than the traditional flat materials. Clients can simply play around with the app and modify the property as per their wish and can visualize the same.

One such company – Spacious from Hong Kong incorporated AR in their real estate venture in a quite interesting aspect. There was a particular piece of property which was labelled “haunted” and were priced significantly less due to the unfortunate murders/deaths that had taken place. The Spacious team, simply added an AR feature in their application that helped apartment seekers bust ghosts – in short, real-life Ghostbusters, this increased the overall sales.

Benefits of using AR for Real Estate ventures

In this technological era, people are offered with more user experiences that not only make their life easier but also more efficient. One such technology is AR in the real estate realm. AR simply enhances your real world by overlaying virtual data you’re your physical space. Starting from listing property details online to holding a virtual tour for potential customers, AR has helped real estate professionals facilitate smooth property selling.

Here’s why you must consider Augmented Reality for your real estate business –

#1 Offers visual interaction for the users.

2D dimensions do not offer much data to the customers, 3D, on the other hand, is a better way to engage whilst presenting construction projects. It not only gives customers a chance to immerse themselves into the third dimension of the property, but they can also view the property from a different angle and so forth.

#2 Offers enhanced clarity on the product offerings

With AR, your customers can simply boot their smart device, choose a property and can walk around with the phone to have a virtual tour around the property. The smartphone creates a window through which your customers can virtually check out the property in and out and can even discover what painting/furniture might go well with the design.

#3 Publicity by word of mouth

Statistics gathered by data analysts confirm that often customers become more interested in a property once they preview it using Augmented Reality. This, in turn, takes the real estate owners’ company as the “hot topic” amidst the crowd and it is highly likely to get publicity by word of mouth. Customers are highly likely to go to such properties by the positive opinion offered from their friends and relatives.

#4 Potential to reach millions

Augmented reality is easily available on smart devices, particularly mobile devices. More than 60% of the total population owns a smart device and this is a sure shot way to reach potential property buyers. Potential buyers can have all the information they need on their smartphones with the help of an AR app. Furthermore, real estate owners can consider building their AR portfolio and access them offline whenever and wherever they need to showcase their property details to interested customers.

#5 Cost Effective technology

Setting up a physical model whilst demonstrating a property will be time-consuming as well as expensive. Considering Augmented Reality for real estate simply eliminates the need to set up physical models which in turn save money. Of course, there will be some initial cost while setting up the AR virtual model across the business, but this is significantly less expensive compared to the physical model and is worth choosing.


AR simply eliminates existing barriers between a real estate owner and a prospective buyer.  It has the power to offer a more catered and unique experience for customers. If you’re planning to start your venture in the real estate industry or have already begun your journey, do not fall behind, consider using Augmented Reality technology to give your potential customers a unique experience with more informed choices like never before.


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