Augmented Reality in the Retail world -
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Augmented Reality in the Retail world

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Augmented reality offers a totally new way to look at the world — and no matter what kind of window you’re looking at.  People undergoing renovations of their home can use AR to see how the finished product is going to be like. You can also use it to figure out how to work a coffee machine to get the perfect drink every time.

Augmented Reality Benefits forthe Retail Industry

Virtual Reality has taken over the world of entertainment industry, similarly augmented reality has found its ground in the retail industry. Augmented reality has boomed sales and has helped the retail industry in different ways – by being the backbone for smart consumer facing applications that let you try some product virtually in order to make you feel comfortable about a purchase. Why is augmented reality so important for the retail world? Continue reading to know more.

  • In-store navigation – This helps consumers see detailed information about a product by hovering their phones across the goods. Also, the stores can also send real time push notifications to the consumer regarding the product to consumers thereby leading to better in store experience.
  • Limited Selling space issues – Instead of having a physical retail store and worrying about running out of space due to the storage of physical products, retailers can simply input visual data about their product and the different variations online. With this consumers can simply use their AR devices and visualize products and other details related to it and can simply have it delivered to their home from the warehouse.
  • Try and buy – Customers can simply try a product on their AR enabled device and decide whether to buy the product or not, this helps in reducing pre purchase indecision and also cuts the rate of product return post purchase.
  • Personalized product offering – With AR, retail owners can offer personalized unique experience (by providing loyalty programs, rewards) to customers, using beacons, analytics tools etc.
  • Cost effective – AR enabled retail industries are cost effective, consumers can easily renew their product selection and keep trying on different products at little expense of both time and money. This experience makes your customers interested in visiting the store again.

ARkits were used by Ikea to show case their goods – it lets you place a furniture in your respective home and get a feel of how the end product will look like in reality. Google on the other hand has begun working on ARCore.

Augmented Reality for Android developers

ARCore is the augmented reality development platform for Android developers. ARCore has 3 fundamental components, the first one being motion tracking, the second one being environmental understanding and the third being light estimation. Motion tracking helps in estimating a phone’s location based on sensors and real time video footage – this helps in pinning virtual objects and walk around them. Environmental understanding detects surfaces and is useful for placing the AR objects using the camera and light estimation helps virtual props to cast accurate realistic shadows and fit them with the surroundings. Experienced developers can make use Unity, Java, OpenGL and Unreal Engine for 3D rendering, and newbies to 3D design can simply export ARCore objects using the Google’s Tilt Brush VR painting app, or by using the VR modeling tool Blocks.


Using augmented reality entrepreneurs can take their business to the next level and provide an altogether new experience for their customers. AR has changed the way consumers can now shop and is quite advantageous for both in-store and online purchases.

The great news is that consumers do want augmented reality because it helps them to accurately choose what they want.




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