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About MedSmart™

Traditionally, most hospitals in India were either Government-owned or Trust-owned. However, private hospitals have become the norm in the last two decades. Kavaii’s MedSmart™— an integrated, cost-effective solution — breathes fresh life into modern-day hospitals by providing customized solutions for improved profitability. MedSmart™ offers care providers at hospitals and clinics, a singular platform to automatically capture all data from patient touchpoints. The data (health records) can also be viewed by patients at any time, at a single place.


MedSmart™’s vision is to connect all patients with their respective health records from all care providers.


MedSmart™’s mission is to get all hospitals and clinics to record all patient encounters so as to enable improved operations through real-time data analysis.

The MedSmart™Advantage

Efficiency, decision making, and planning for the future are three key elements no hospital can afford to overlook. And MedSmart™ helps improve all three!

Improve Operational Efficiency and Patient Care with Hospital Operations Systems (HOS) tools – Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Gain improved, actionable information through the seamless integration of our analytics with your HOS

Layout a clear-cut actionable plan by consulting with us and leveraging our Business Intelligence (BI) transformational methodology.

Hospital Operations System (HOS) for Improved Efficiency

MedSmart™’s HOS is a cloud based solution that handles a wide range of hospital operations and maintains Electronic Medical Records of patients. Its end-to-end automated workflow captures data at all patient and care provider interactions, and can then be viewed by either party on a web portal.

Built as a SaaS platform with zero on-premise IT cost for servers, it helps reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

MedSmart™’s HOS helps iron out operational hindrances allowing your facility to optimize processes






Analytics for Better Insight

Performance Metrics

  • Operational Performance
  • Financial performance
  • Clinical analysis

Resource Utilization

  • Bed capacity utilization
  • Average period of a patient’s stay
  • Nursing service analysis
  • Lab turnaround time

Patient Details

  • Patient demographic analysis
  • Patient revenue analysis
  • In-patient to out-patient ratio
  • Clinical outcome analysis

Human Resources

  • Staff scheduling
  • Resource pyramid

Detailed Assessment

  • Outreach analysis
  • Opportunity dashboard
  • Program effectiveness

In-depth Analysis

  • Schedule and budget variance
  • Burn down charts
  • Budget and cost analysis
  • Risk assessment

Enhanced User Experience

MedSmart™ also provides users with advanced tools to help track data across various dimensions. With web-based accessibility, it helps them stay on top of their
business operations at all times.

Insightful Visualization

On-line analytic processing

Easy accessibility and tight security

Consultancy for Business Transformation

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Why MedSmart™

MedSmart™ is a one-of-a-kind solution, developed to aid hospital management make accurate decisions through the use of precise analytic views. The advanced analytics provide forecasts and time-series analyses to help drive future planning — a must for any modern organization.

It also recognizes the need for an improved experience for all stakeholders, and its HOS addresses just that. With health records across providers available on one platform, patients and care providers are now empowered like never before.