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Will Artificial Intelligence grab your Jobs?

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The question of replacement of our jobs by intelligent machines is a trending topic today. People are absolutely afraid that automation will alter the majority of workers. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also known as Machine Intelligence. It has become a part of human life, hence most of our daily activities are influenced by AI. The purpose of Artificial Intelligence is to keep us free from ordinary repetitive tasks and give us more time to grow our intellects and business, with more interesting, evolving actions.

Now the question arises, how do human beings get affected by AI? As a technology-based company, we use artificial intelligence to improve our work efficiency, and we believe that low-skilled jobs are most likely to be affected and they can be transformed into automation. White collar jobs (professional, managerial or administrative work) are also at risk though, with AI taking a bigger role in the financial industry.

But despite all these things, it is assumed that the future of human jobs will be brighter than recent augury. According to the current research, artificial intelligence is currently creating lots of new jobs which shows that it cannot always be man v/s machine.

Definitely, the Industrial Revolution destroyed some traditional jobs, but it also created new ones. Without the technology of the Industrial Revolution, we would never have the standard of living we have today. In the short term, it was troublesome progress; in the long term, it was very worth it.

There are some limitations to the machines that they need human involvement to perform their activity with accuracy. Without human involvement, Artificial Intelligence cannot learn human activities. This also creates a question that will artificial intelligence always need human involvement to enhance the self-learning model.

Artificial Intelligence will increase the gap between owner and worker:

Imagine you own a Restaurant. Your employ staff to help prepare food, answer customer’s questions, and complete deliveries. Half of your profits go to paying their wages.

Over the subsequent numerous years, you are able to buy automated food maker. You begin taking all orders online via online website or mobile app, answering common customer questions using a chatbot. Robots load food orders onto a driverless truck, which completes deliveries for you.

These innovations cost money, but they mean you no longer have to pay for staff. At first, the money you save from paying for the staff goes to paying off your new robots, but over time it’s just money saved. You’ll have more money in your pocket every night than you did before.

In the future, owning your own business and leveraging AI to increase profits will be more important. Owners will become increasingly powerful unless the government steps in.

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